Monday, October 15, 2012

Back in Hawaii

It feels like i have been all over the world since age 18. Vegas to Louisiana to Hawaii, New Orleans and back to Hawaii. After our summer in New Orleans we were really excited to come back to paradise and the best part about it is that my mom and grandma are coming too!!! yay! Here are some Pictures of us and what we did on their vacation. 

grandma got a Lai at the airport

Sharks Cove We love Sharks cove for many reasons the Acai bowls are amazing and the for is so fresh there. 

I love jumping of the rock

watched the sunset with my mom

Lanikai beach 
"I miss them we had so much fun in the sun"
scott and grandma golfing at Tbay
fun hike to the pill boxes with my mom and Jamie
ok i love him . . . 
three generations 

 first day at Wameia . . . "this beach is my favorite"

grandma Making hearts 

acai bowl from sharks cove 

Wamiea Rock

I feel so blessed to have such an amazing grandma in my life. She is always so fun and  has a ton of energy more then me so she could keep up with us easy. It was such a fun and great experience to celebrate my grandma's 76th birthday in Hawaii with my mom. I will never forget it. 

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