Monday, October 15, 2012

I really can't believe its October . . . This semester is half way through I am taking 18 credits right now and I am so busy and I can't wait to graduate. I still have time to go to the beach though. Scott and I love it out here and we are having a blast. This is a great experience and we feel blessed. Everyday I just feel so lucky to be married to scottie P because he is the best guy. But anyways update with golf Scott is doing really good in golf and he loves being on the team he is in San Fran right now playing in Napa Valley.
This is what I have been up too. Going on hikes going to the beach and watching Scott play golf. 

North shore with Jamie and Adri

Scott won this tourney by 10 shots! Proud wife 

Sharks cove sunset

our favorite place to eat Haleiwa Thai with my mom and Grandma

Sand Chairs with Adri fun day at the beach while our husbands golf it up 
I am glad she is in Hawaii we have so much fun together while our boys golf 

Kei kis Beach best beach for body surfing scottie loves the big waves

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