Friday, November 8, 2013

October Update!

Enjoying the Fall in Utah! This is my first fall in four years guys and I am excited for this fall and being home around the holidays. It's like  i just moved back to Utah kind of starting over meeting new friends and finding new things to do here. A lot of my close friends live in Cali and vegas and hawaii. Scott and I are just busy building our house and traveling. 
Took this photo golfing with my dad and mom . Such a pretty Course Hobble
The Pickering Home! Its coming along the wood is up framing is almost finished. I can't wait to move in we are both so excited!! It has been a dream to move into a house of our own and we are finally doing it. We love the location of where we are building and the neighborhood is awesome there are parks and trails everywhere. 

I tried to be crafty so I spray painted pumpkin's! As you can see they turned out pretty cute!:)

Tiff and Angela and I hiked passed the Y on the mountain. Totally went the extra mile and took some Rad Photos. 

Scottie and I love riding the Harley we decided to get all bundled up and go up the canyon. 

My mom and I are best friends we love to do everything together i mean everything! We decided to walk hobble creek trial it was beautiful!

           I love Sundays espeically when the weather is good so we decided to take a little picture. 

I love him with all my Heartt sunday harley ride

Halloween camp Fire with some friends

We had a halloween party I don't know how to explain what ang and i are. Scott is white trash? ?? Ryan is a meth maker from breaking bad

Scott and I  are really missing Hawaii but we are gettting use to being around Family and being back in utah!

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  1. awe yay so glad to read about the latest! i miss you! love the fall pics, so beautiful. your house looks rad, i cant wait to see it finished! i wanna ride that harley too haha, is that scottys? and adorable pumpkins! and you and your sis were dawn of the dead dolls! so awesome!